One of my best friends in all the world came over to visit me this weekend. Isabella is such a hottie and I love when we're together. We always have such a great time. Today we were trying to play football. I emphasis the word trying. Fooling around with her always gets me so wet. Both of us were feeling so horny that we could barely keep our hands off of each other. So who needs football when you have two HOT latina's in the room!

I love masturbating when I'm alone but there's nothing like getting my pussy pounded with a real dick. I invited a special friend over since I was feeling so horny. All I could think about all day while I waited for him to come visit me was that hard dick penetrating my wet pussy. I know I'm such a bad girl but hey girls love sex as much as guys. So when he finally arrived I started kissing him and I could feel his dick getting harder and harder. Now this is my kind of party!


Ok today I was getting some lessons about how to play American football. To be honest with you I don't know much about it because in South America football isn't so popular. But I remember watching it on T. V. and I thought it looked kinda of interesting so I had the camera guy give me some pointers. But don't worry a lot more action was going on besides football. Did I mention about the little balls I put in my ass. Wanna see?

I was hanging out by the swimming pool but it was a little cold to go swimming. Do you like my little pink panties? I just bought them at Victoria Secrets. I love to shop there. They have such sexy clothes. Like most girls I love to go shopping for clothes. I'm always looking for cute and sexy things to wear for you guys. So while it might have been too cold to go swimming, its never too cold for me to play for you...So now its time to heat things up!



I'm so happy today because its the weekend and I don't have to go to school.. Yay! So what should I do with my free time... We have this game I like to play called the Sapo Game. There are other games I love to play but they have nothing to do with You know I have lots of special toys to play with and today I have my naughty ducky. He's so cute and this duck knows how to get a girl off.

I'm so excited because today my special friend Sofia is coming over to visit me.. Yay! She's so cute. Sofia has blond hair and a slim adorable body with beautiful eyes. She goes to school with me and sometimes when we are in class I think about what it would be like to be alone with her playing around. We try to play a little soccer but neither of us is very good. That's ok we are much better at other things like kissing each other softly and licking each other pussies!


My special friend Pacino and I traveled to a private location to shoot my first hardcore scene. This is the first time I've ever had sex on camera. I was thinking about it all day and wondering what it would be like to actually fuck on camera. For me sex is a natural thing so I really wasn't nervous. I wanted all of you to see the passion I have for life and sex.

Here I am all alone enjoying the beautiful day. What should a naughty girl like myself do with her time, I know.. how about I fuck myself with my big blue vibrator. Ok I know I'm a horny girl but geez you only live once so why not enjoy yourself each and everyday. I think life it too short to worry about what people think about you. So guess what... I'm going to keep doing what I love to do and that's getting myself off just for you!



I'm such a lucky girl. I have so many cool friends and two of my favorites came over to visit me today. Tania Spice who is one of my best friends and also Pacino who is my special friend. It was like having the best of both worlds since I'm bi-sexual. I made a secret bet with Tania. I told her lets fool around with Pacino and see how long it will take before he blows his load.

Do you guys like my hair in pigtails? I was getting a lot of requests from members to put my hair in pigtails more often so I hope you like it. You know I love to play outdoors as much as possible and today was such a beautiful today that I decided to relax underneath some palm trees. I love talking dirty and I especially love when a guy talks dirty back to me. It turns me on so much and when that happens my pussy gets very wet.


I guess you could call me a naughty schoolgirl. I don't always follow the rules but I do love going to school. Although I'm not a fan of homework. I would rather be doing something more exciting like masturbating for you. So I head home after a long day of studies and all I could think about was getting out of this uniform. I could feel the outside of my panties getting wet and it wasn't from the heat!

I love the clothes I'm wearing today so much. I bought this really cute doll costume and I felt so hot wearing these cloths.. What do you think? Wouldn't you love to play with this doll. Could be fun right! I was in such a good mood today that I even did a bunch of cute dances for you. And last but not least I had one of my little vibrators that I love to rub on the top of my clitoris. It feels so amazing and this vibrator makes me cum every time I use it. Yay for toys!



One of my best friends was on vacation in Hawaii and she brought me back a very pretty Hawaiian dress. Its so cute with blue flowers all over it. You know deep down I'm a very sweet girl.. believe it or not. I love simple things in life but I do live my life to the maximum. Well today since I was feeling so sexy in my new dress I couldn't wait to show you what I had on underneath. Do you wanna see?

I was sitting alone outside getting some sunshine and it was only myself and the camera man. As I start to masturbate I could tell this was getting the camera guy excited. I noticed the bulge in his pants growing. Seeing his dick getting hard was really turning me on and all I could think of was putting my lips around his cock. It was amazing especially when he filled up my pussy with his hot cum!


Don't mess with me today because I'm ready for battle. Yup today I'm dressing up as your personal sexy army girl and I'm locked and loaded. So whatever you do don't get me mad or I just might have to shoot you down with my paint ball gun. So what do you think.. can you handle me? I have my camouflage dildo and its ready for action!

Well the roller blading was fun but all that rolling around got me horny so I invited Pacino back to my house. I could tell he was more than happy to hangout with me. One of my favorite things on the planet is trying to make a guy crazy when I'm fucking him. I love to get on top of him and make his dick so hard that it could explode at any minute.



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